Roll Number Slips

MA/MSc Part-I and Part-II 1st Annual Examination 2017

MA/MSc Composite 1st Annual Examination 2017

2nd Annual Composite Examination BA/BSc 2017

2nd Annual Composite Examinition BA/BSc (Deaf & Dumb) 2017

2nd Annual Part-I Examination BA/BSc 2017

1st Annual Part-I Examination BA/BSc 2017

B.Ed/M.Ed Supplementary Examination 2016

B.COM Supplementary Examination Part-I & Part-II 2017

B.COM/B.I.T Annual Examination Part-I and Part-II 2017

M-Com Supplementary Examination Part-I and Part-II 2016

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Important Instructions:

  1. No student will be allowed to enter Examination Hall after 30 minutes of the start of the paper.
  2. Students are directed to follow the timings given in the date sheet.
  3. No student will be allowed to enter the Examination Center without ID card and Roll Number Slip.
  4. No student will be allowed to leave the Examination Hall before the half of the time is over.
  5. No change of Centre is allowed without the permission of Controller of Examinations.
  6. Any kind of programmable calculator is not allowed in the Examination Hall.
  7. Mobile Phone is not allowed in the Examination Hall.
  8. The order in which the candidates are seated will be forwarded to the Examiner. As and when a candidate is discovered to have copied/cheated from another source, UMC will be filed under rules and he/she will be expelled from the Examination. Moreover, the candidate from whom he/she copied will also be penalized.
  9. No candidate shall be allowed to speak without prior permission of the superintendent during exam.
  10. Before attempting the answer sheet, each candidate must fill the title page of the answer sheet completly. The blank pages/portion of the answer sheet must be crossed before handing over to Superintendent.
  11. No candidate shall give any mark of identification in side his/her answer script at specified places, otherwise paper of the candidate will be cancelled.
  12. Highlighter, ink remover and all kind of erasers are not allowed in Examination Hall, only blue ink pen is allowed.